Our Programs

Doncaster Park Kindergarten offers both a 3 year old program (8 hours per week) and a 4 year old program (18 hours per week).

3 year old program

The focus of our 3 year old kindergarten program is to develop social and emotional maturity. This is done by nurturing and enriching children through numerous experiences and challenges in a play based environment.

The 3 year old program includes music, dance and drama in terms 1, 2 and 3 and motor skill development in term 4. We employ specialist teachers to implement these enrichment programs.

4 year old program

The aim of the 4 year old program is to help children become resilient, assertive and independent, through developmentally appropriate play based activities. This includes maths, science, language, cultural diversity and much more.

The 4 year old enrichment program is implemented by specialist teachers and continues to build on the skills gained in the 3 year old program. In addition to music and drama, our 4 year olds enjoy a specialist physical education program.